Now there is a a laundry ball
that can clean clothes without detergent.
It is chemical free, and hypoallergenic.

Perfect for those who are concerned about irritation
or skin allergies caused by laundry detergents.
A real eco-friendly product!
Say 'NO' to conventional laundry detergent
Many laundry detergents are harmful to human.
They contain cancer-causing chemicals and other toxic materials.

Laundry detergents often do a lot of harm to our environment and health. Residue of laundry detergents on our clothing can cause harmful effects via skin contact and inhalation.

Some of the harmful ingredients in detergents:

  • Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates (LAS)

These synthetic surfactants are commonly listed as 'anionic surfactants' on labels, and are one of the most common surfactants in use. During their production process, carcinogenic and reproductive toxins such as benzene are released into the environment. They also biodegrade slowly, making them a hazard in the environment.

  • Petroleum distillates (aka napthas)

These chemicals have been linked to cancer, lung damage, lung inflammation and damage to mucous membranes.

  • Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (NPE)

One common surfactant in U.S. laundry detergents is nonyl phenol ethoxylate (this chemical has been banned in Europe, and was found to slowly biodegrade into even more toxic compounds). Studies have found that this surfactant stimulates the growth of breast cancer cells and feminizes male fish

  • Phenols

Phenol is toxic and people who are hypersensitive to it could experience death or serious side effects at very low exposures. Plus, it is rapidly absorbed and can cause toxicity throughout the entire body. Typically, death and severe toxicity result from phenol's effects on the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys.

  • Artificial fragrances

Many of these can be made from petroleum (see petroleum distillates above), and do not degrade in the environment. They've been linked to various toxic effects on fish and mammals, and often cause allergies and skin and eye irritation.

  • Phosphates

These chemicals are used to remove hard-water minerals to make detergents more effective, and to prevent dirt from settling back onto clothes during a wash. A major problem with them is that, when released into the environment, they stimulate the growth of certain marine plants, which contributes to unbalanced ecosystems. Many states have banned or restricted the use of phosphates for this reason, and you may see laundry detergents advertised as "low-phosphate" or "phosphate-free."

  • EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid )

EDTA is a class of compounds used as an alternative to phosphates to reduce mineral hardness in water, prevent bleaching agents from becoming active before they're put in water and as a foaming stabilizer. EDTA does not biodegrade readily and can re-dissolve toxic heavy metals in the environment, allowing them to re-enter the food chain.

  • (Household bleach)Sodium Hypochlorite

This is a chemical precursor to chlorine, which is highly toxic and involved in more household poisonings than any other chemical. When it reacts with organic materials in the environment, carcinogenic and toxic compounds are created than can cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system disorders.

(Nano Technology ceramic ball)
Negative ions + Far Infrared rays =water tension is reduced
=water molecules become smaller = dirt moves through fabric easier

A revolutionary way to do your laundry. You can now have an allergen, chemical detergent free laundry, while saving money and
doing your part in protecting the environment!

It's economical, practical, ecological!

It has been scientifically proven that this wash ball has better washing ability than detergent, and make water safer than tap water.
This ball is a Nano Technology Ceramic Ball made in Korea. It has been developed, researched, and scientifically tested.
It contains ceramic beads and emits infrareds and negative ions into the water. Its antibacterial effect eliminate bacteria and odour and increase the cleaning effect of water.

This laundry ball can clean clothes without detergents
  • Removes residue of detergent and chlorine
  • Strong sterilization and disinfection effects
  • Gives you cleanliness, freshness, softness.

Technical information:

Main components:
Body: SEBS
Biocera Green Laundry Ball
Far Infra Ray Ceramic Ball

Size/Weight: 100X90mm/200g

Lifetime: 1000 washes;
5kg laundry per wash
How much energy can be saved?

in one (1) day
Laundry water 50 (l)
Water 12.5 (l)
Electricity 0.126 (kwh)
Detergent 0.025 (kg)
Softener 0.01 (l)
Time 3 (min)
in 3 years
Laundry water 55000 (l)
Water 12500 (l)
Electricity 130(kwh)
Detergent 25(kg)
Softener 10 (l)
Time 50 (hours)

  • Ball lasts up to 1000 washes! (Cost efficient)
  • Allergen free!
  • Chemical detergent free!
  • Eco-Friendly (reduce wastewater from houses, conserve energy, water, etc)
  • Prevents residue buildup like what liquid detergent does to your washing machine (extend the life of your washing machine)

    Just do your laundry like you normally would. Load your dirty clothes with the laundry ball in the washer. It is that simple!
How to use:

1) Load dirty clothes with 1 Wash Ball in the washer (if load is less than 5kg)
use more than 1 wash ball if load is heavier than 5 kg.
2)Adjust your wash setting (Ball works well in warm water)
3)Do not use Ball in the Dryer.
4)For optimum performance, dry wash ball in sunlight once a month.

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ONLY RM168 per ball (33 Euro )

(breakdown cost: only RM0.168 per wash!)
Free postage to anywhere in Malaysia.

Special Offer:
RM 300 for 2 balls
(60 Euro for 2 balls)